"Healthy meal prep service dedicated to delivering great tasting food that meets your macros!"

Rocket Fuel Nutrition is a movement designed to address the core of what drives and motivates. Nutrition is the core of what motivates the body and without the body getting the proper fuel, limits are automatically placed on how high we can soar.  As the expression goes, “we are what we eat”, Rocket Fuel Nutrition is devoted to ensuring that all of its customers eat the best so they launch into the best lives possible.

Rocket Fuel Nutrition is different because it is energy that makes love happy from within.  When people have the best fuel, they perform better and soar higher!  This is about fuel motivated and motivated for people.  Rocket Fuel Nutrition was founded in 2014 by Raphael Williams, Jr. because he needed to sustain his amazing 100-pound weight loss.  Not only has he sustained that weight loss but he has fueled others with a combined total of over 50,000 pounds in weight loss kept off.  This minority-owned company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.  The company has grown and continues to grow with its movement style life-changing plan that focusing on holistic nutrition that includes self-motivation, support products, and the ultimate meal preparation.  The leadership team has over 45 years of food service experience and 20 years of business experience.  Mr. Williams has a true desire to see change in how people fuel their lives; in other words, how we chose to fuel our most priceless machines, our bodies.


MEET MR. ROCKETFUEL, Raphael Williams Jr.

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